Actionable Social Media Analytics

Social media is a firehose, and it’s easy for important conversations about your brand to slip through the cracks. With human review and our proprietary frameworks, we analyze conversations about your brand in real-time, across all platforms. You can have meaningful information, real insights, and firm control of your online reputation.

Start Here: Audit
Conversation about your brand is happening, whether you’re involved or not. The first step towards taking control is knowing what’s out there. We start with a comprehensive audit, delivered as a report with actionable insights and a roadmap for improving the negative and leveraging the positive.


We gather brand and on-topic conversations every day from around the web, separate the noise and deliver updates on the topics you care about. As a result we identify and report on key trends and local influencers that matter to your reputation or, in the worst case, the crisis you are managing.
With information and insights in hand, our team collaborates with yours on strategies to use social media to your advantage. We help prioritize measurable and achievable goals for improving relationships with customers, highlighting positive content and extracting valuable intelligence from negative content.
Follow trends and track key performance indicators through our Social Media Monitoring Console. This helps you identify issues early and prioritize your team’s time in the areas where it is most effective. Performance and results produced are clear, and verifiable.
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